How to Source For Talents

The person who is more Passionate is likely to be more talented;

There are enthusiasts, those who are visibly energetic and passionate about everything and there are those who are not. I suggest you stick to the enthusiasts.

It is tough to actually discover an inspirational candidate during an interview so your best bet is to ask yourself. Does this candidate inspire me?

Knows how to complete the job;
these are the tough ones who get the last 5% of the work done. A lot of folks are excellent in the first 95% but they often fail to tidy up and tie up loosed ends.

Exhibits Curiosity;
It is often said that there are two kinds of people in the world today, Those who can’t stop asking questions and those who don’t ask questions. I’ll say vote the former and HIRE them!

Thinks at high level;
Winston Churchhills moment came, and so moments come for various leaders what kind of thinking would be required in this weird times this requires some degree of Intelligence.

Loves Action;
There are two kinds of people you will often come across during interviews. Those who talk about “vision and Philosophy” and those who talk about the details of the stuff that they’ve gotten done and the barriers they’ve smashed to get it done. Please go with the latter-I mean the action freaks you certainly would be glad you did.

Gets talent;
This would be my final point. when interviewing people, spend well over half of the time discussing their track record. As a recruiter and a developer of people nothing would be more important.

Now Imagine you’ve got a person with all these attributes. You can be sure to take a vacation and return to see your company thriving better than it was Doing when you were there.