Audition Tips For Talent Competitions – 6 Key Pointers

Auditions are the most important part of a talent competition. If you don’t get past the audition stage you have no chance of winning the competition. Here are six key tips that will help you get past the auditions.

1) Convey confidence from the moment you enter the room

Body language toward the judges is critical. They want to see a confident performer with charisma. Make sure you have your walk and posture nailed. I can’t over emphasis how important this is. This will help your vocal delivery and performance. Also, by acting confident you become confident.

2) Don’t make excuses

Don’t tell the judges that you have the flu. It won’t make the slightest bit of difference. Just do you best on the day. Don’t apologise if you hit a wrong note, just continue. Stay positive throughout your audition.

3) Remember you have done most of the work already or you should have

The hard work you have spent practicing is what will get you through the audition. If you have spent the time, energy and effort perfecting your audition piece you have done the work already. How your audition goes depends heavily on your preparation. If you have prepared well, then you have a good chance. If you haven’t prepared well, then there is little you can do at this late stage to salvage the situation. Either way, don’t stress yourself out.

4) Have a good positive attitude

This goes a long way. A bad attitude is the enemy of many talented people. Look, it will ruin your career. The judges will have their radar tuned into your attitude. If you act snotty or think that you are above the other contestants it will not go down well. However, don’t talk too much. Answer the questions that judges may have. Don’t give them your life story. Remember, that for the judges auditions take a long time. The more to the point your audition is the better.

5) Be able to adapt

If the judges ask you to sing in a different style, try it. Listen to them and do your best. If you show an ability to adapt when under pressure you will earn brownie points n the judges’ eyes.

6) Attend as many auditions as possible

Experience is what you need and talent show auditions are the best way to get it. You will grow as a performer even if you don’t get selected all the time.

The more auditions you go to, the more feedback you get. The more experience you will have performing in high pressure situations. In my mind, this is one of the best ways to improve as a performer.