Are You Ready for Talent War?

Indian economy is on a roll. I.T majors are hiring employees in thousands. Pharma companies are growing and hiring. This is the story across all the sectors. Are you happy? Of course, we all should be. But as a recruiter, are you concerned? You should be. With so much of hiring taking place, acquiring and retaining talent has become more challenging. Add to it ever growing demand from business to fill vacancies in shortest possible time to keep profit margins up, recruitment has become even more difficult.

Let’s face it. It is a war. War for Talent. Every one is attracting talented and qualified candidates to their organizations. As a company or a staffing agency, you need to build a brand to attract qualified candidates to you.

Have you noticed how big corporations make it so easy for candidates to apply for their jobs? They provide a dedicated candidate portal for job seekers. Not only does it make applying for job easy, but it also creates an employer brand.

Candidate portals or career portals are normally linked from corporate web site and help build a candidate pipeline to optimize recruitment efforts. Some of the benefits of the candidate portal are

– Competitive advantage, as most of the companies attracts talent through their websites.
– More Completed applications.
– Stronger Employment Brand.
– Reduced Recruiter workload.

Building Candidate/Career Portal is a difficult task for small and medium sized companies because of complexities of technologies involved. However, there are various SaaS solutions that allow companies to use this technology at very affordable rates.

Candidate/Career Portals allows candidates to login to portal and update their profile and other details. Candidate can search for other job offerings available within the company and can also track their application status. They can also view their communication with the company. They can even set automated alerts which would be sent to candidate when a job matching his profile is posted on company’s website.

From Recruiter’s point of view, Candidate/Career portal present huge opportunity as these candidates have shown interest in the company as an employer. It is much quicker fill an opening when you know candidate details like profile and what he is looking for and you know that he is certainly interested in the company as an employer.

Technology is revolutionizing recruitment process all over world. Are you using right systems to recruit the talent your company deserves?